Encouraging Stories – Week of May 10th

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  1. Cecilia Rajanayagam says:

    Greetings from Calgary, where God is present and very much at work! My thanksgiving is for the many volunteers and workers who are reaching out to this city’s most vulnerable with donations of nutritious food. Daily meal deliveries provide over 250 people living in our supported living tower with nutrition for the day. It has made a huge difference to the residents’ sense of physical well-being while also helping them to feel deeply cared for. The Meals on Wheels volunteers, many who are retired people, have emerged as ‘modern day saints’ in this challenging time and I thank God daily for them!

  2. Shawna Lepage says:

    Family Break turns into Family Growth

    I felt compelled to write a story of Grace. Actually, I’ve been wanting to share since December, but knew this story of our life wasn’t finished yet.

    On the morning of Saturday, Nov 16 2019 we were on our way to our usual 9:15am family chiro appointment. My husband, Marc, went to get in the car and slipped from the top stair to the cement pad bellow. He landed on the same arm that had been giving him grief from tendonitis for the past year and half. I was upstairs adding the finishing touches to my wardrobe and heard the sounds through the slightly opened window. From his echoing groan I could tell it was more than just an average fall. I took a breath to calm myself and felt guilt arise recalling the discussion we had a few minutes earlier. In our conversation I had strongly suggested that he looked further into his arm as it was significantly affecting our family’s daily living. My words may have been on the side of disrespectfulness towards my husband but I justified it with my concern for him. I went down the stairs slowly and calmly to check in with Marc. He was definitely in a great deal of pain. We decided to continue to go to the chiro as he probably dislocated his shoulder.

    After a consultation with our chiro, he quickly and gently slinged Marc’s arm and suggested we go straight to emerg. He was pretty sure there was more going on then just a dislocated shoulder. I was careful to drive as quickly and carefully as possible as every bump was quite painful for Marc. I was grateful to have kept some Homeopathics and Advil in the car to help ease some of the pain. After dropping Marc off at emerg, I nervously found a parking spot and found my way to the door. Thankfully it wasn’t busy and Marc was able to get in fairly quickly. Soleil had brought a book to read and Sam and I played various games as we waited. I also typically keep a couple granola bars in my purse so the kids were able to have a little snack while we waited.

    We had no idea how long it would take. It was about 11:30, an hour and half later, when the kids had started to get antsy. At this point they had read all the books in the waiting room, played a few games and we even took a little tour. New patients started to arrive. Sam and Soleil were beginning to observe and inquire about the new arrivals. I felt some of the surrounding content wasn’t age appropriate nor did I want to start to explain some of the situations in that moment. I used my discretion and set up my cellphone for them to watch a show on Right Now Media with an earbud for each of them.

    Fortunately, my younger sister was working at the hospital that day and texted to meet at 12 for lunch. I had never been more vulnerable and excited to see my sister at work before. She bought us lunch and shared some tips on getting in and out with greater ease. Our conversation had brought me great comfort. After lunch, the kids and I explored the hospital enjoying our time together. We explored the gift shop and then made our way to the library. We noticed a public computer so Soleil was also able to complete some homework while we were waiting. We finally got a phone call from Marc around 2pm letting us know he might be there overnight and that we should go home for awhile. The kids and I made our way home and waited for an update. Marc called a couple hours later and said he would definitely be staying overnight at the hospital. The kids and I came to visit after supper to bring some of Marc’s belongings.

    Marc ended up staying in the hospital for 5 days as the doctors wanted to do more tests. They said that the tests would happen much quicker if he were to stay in the hospital. We saw the fracture as a huge blessing to getting some answers about his arm sooner. The kids and I visited everyday after school and enjoyed our family time together.

    Marc was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon and was to return for a biopsy on Saturday morning. A week later he was given his test results. That night after the kids had gone to sleep, he shared with me that the results indicated he had Chrondosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. I had not expected that answer. I don’t think I had ever been given any news in my life that hit me as hard before. I cried so hard I vomited. My whole body tensed up and felt incredibly heavy. It took me a couple of days to emotionally recover from the initial shock and work towards a plan. We generally make healthier choices in diet and surroundings. How could this even be possible? I just couldn’t settle with that answer. Our bodies have amazing capabilities to heal on their own. I was committed to being the best helpmate to my husband in all areas, especially in finding answers. I prayed and researched and prayed and researched some more. I looked online for hours and came back from the library with 20 different books. I tabbed some pages for Marc to read and together we researched piles of books within a few weeks.

    We learned a lot in a short time! According to the research that resonated with us, Marc made and maintained incredible shifts to his diet including daily juicing, eating gluten & dairy free foods, additional supplements and nightly fasting. Marc also incorporated a daily half hour prayer time, regularly asking for peace beyond all human understanding. His gratitude grew by the day as he gave all his anxieties to God. I also began to make many shifts to support a calm, peaceful surrounding that would foster healing. I was also happily drinking the cleansing juices and eating the same yummy, gluten/dairy free diet. I made yummy gluten free/dairy free low sweetened chocolate/beet muffins weekly. In addition, after years of struggling to wake up early, I began waking up at 6am so that I could spend time with Yahweh in prayer and have some me-time, tea-time as I like to call it. We both began feeling more energetic and peaceful at the same time.

    Marc met with Naturopaths, Homeopaths, and doctors. He implemented their suggestions in diet and well being. In Jan and Feb, his blood tests revealed extremely positive results; optimal blood pressure, colonics, low white blood cells, and he even lost 30 pounds. Every appointment he attended the doctors were impressed with his determination and the results from his consistency. They even begun inquiring and taking notes on some of Marc’s learnings and new routines. He had greater range of motion in his arm and everyone commented on how much healthier he looked in general.

    Marc ended up slipping on ice again late January and landed on the same arm. We began to feel discouraged, but kept on with the regime. In a moment of hopelessness, I came across another book that spoke strongly about regular parasite cleanses and linking parasites to cancer. We began the 18-week protocol and felt great after only a few short days. I noticed cravings for sweet things went down substantially, brain fog disappeared and another increase in energy. I was sure this was it. There were a few more positive shifts that happened since the cleanse. Unfortunately, this particular type of cancer hides itself well and despite all the positive tests, the March 13 report showed that the lesion was still growing. Time not being on our side, Marc confidently made the decision to follow through with surgeon’s strong suggestions and he had his right arm removed Ap 1st, a small sacrifice for his life. It was tough for me to accept at first because we were 8 days into the 18-day parasite cleanse and it felt as if we weren’t giving it a full chance. However, Marc thoroughly assessed the risks involved and I choose to support his well thought out decision.

    Marc and I have been so unbelievably blessed to be surrounded by friends and family members in this time. We are usually the ones to help and uplift others. It felt very different being on the other end. Sometimes it was difficult to receive but EVERY time it was so appreciated. Everyone’s support, kind words, and uplifting gestures have been incredibly touching. Marc is known to be a compassionate, empathetic, patient, positive and optimistic person. Sometimes in difficult moments like these people may lose sight of those wonderful qualities. But with the power of prayer, coupled with the support of family and friends Marc was able to harness these qualities to assist in getting through a difficult moment in life. His gratitude for life, family and a connection to God has grown even bigger than could have imagined. Our marriage and family life has strengthened and as a team with shared values and goals, we have collectively grown closer to Yahweh/Jehovah and have since cultivated a much deeper relationship with Him. Since the surgery, Marc has been healing exceptionally well and continuing to impress doctors, home care and even the prosthetician with his speedy recovery and his ability to overcome and adapt. The incredible generosity we have been blessed with gives us a greater desire to continue to uplift, encourage and practice empathy for others. We are truly so blessed and have so much to be grateful for during this time.

    I also wanted to share a little side story from when Marc was in the hospital after surgery. I was so touched by the generosity and thoughtful words of everyone praying for Marc. So many people were (and are still) holding us in their thoughts and prayers. We continued to get flowers, cards, Hello Fresh orders, and gifts for the kids. I became teary eyed as I received our Dad’s Market delivery and the gift card attached. I began to feel overwhelmed and sat on the stairs holding back as many tears as I could. Soleil and Sam were happily playing Lego nearby. They immediately stopped and rushed over to give me a group hug. They reminded me of Marc’s continuous warmth and compassion. Soleil said, “It’s okay, mama. Remember, it’s only an arm. We still have our papa.” So wise, I thought to myself. I said, “I know. I was just thinking about how people are just so thoughtful.” Soleil said, “Well, that’s why we have to be happy.” I smiled and thought of how I’m so blessed to have these two sweet, wise kids to take good care of me and I knew everything was going to be okay.

    Marc may have only 1 arm now, but he has the determination and positive attitude to do anything he did before and then some:

    Practice daily handwriting so it’s just as impeccable with his left hand ✔
    Install a water filter ✔
    Assemble 1 desk ✔
    Maintain healthy dietary habits ✔
    Drive with one arm ✔
    Ride a bike ✔
    Continue household duties ✔
    Be a hero and leader to family ✔
    Inspire thousands ✔ and ✔!

  3. Cameo Rempel says:

    Jeremy and I welcomed our little girl, Emilia Julianne, on May 15. We were blessed to have a nurse who is also a doula working with us and the experience was relatively wonderful given the current COVID protocols. While we wish our parents could visit from out of province and that we could introduce our daughter to you in person, God has gifted us with a contented baby and time to bond as a new family of 3. Thank you to those of you who have supported us with prayers, food, encouragement, and celebration. We are grateful.

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