We Value Outreach

Vision and Values Sermon Series (Fall, 2015)
Summary of Brendon’s Sermon, November 8, 2015:
Text: Genesis 12:1-3; John 20: 19-22
Values: Scripture, Prayer, Generosity, Diversity, Community, Creativity, Outreach, Justice, Love.
We value Outreach: We are committed to engaging the community beyond ourselves through actions and words that communicate the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.
Our God is a missionary God. God is on a mission to rescue and restore his creation, and he invites us to join him as partners in his mission.
God is committed to working in flawed human beings to renew and restore his image in us, and then he sends us out to partner with him in bringing healing and restoration to the world. He sends us to demonstrate and display his renewing and reconciling power, and to announce to others that the grace and power for such healing and reconciliation and renewal can be theirs as well.
Week by week, as we gather for worship and then scatter, we are sent again into our communities to represent Christ and his kingdom, to bear witness to his love and mercy and grace. The quality of our work bears witness to Jesus, whether in the office or in the shop or in the classroom. The nature of our relationships, with our neighbours or colleagues or classmates, bear witness to Jesus. Our interactions with customers or clients, with our teachers or students, or families or friends, all bear witness to Jesus and his love. Wherever we find ourselves, day by day, is our mission field. Wherever we go, we are on mission for Jesus. I feel we should be should be praying for all of us as we go, not just for those who go overseas on mission trips.
“Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.” – Charles Spurgeon
Like the Mission Impossible movies, Jesus offers us our mission. The question is whether or not we will choose to accept it. And if we don’t, can we really say we are following him as he wants us to?
An Invitation to B.L.E.S.S.
  • Begin with Prayer– We begin by asking “God, who would you like me to bless today? God, where are you at work and how can I join you there?” And then pay attention to the promptings of the Spirit.
  • Listen–We take time to listen, intentionally and attentively, to the people we interact with, our neigbours and friends, our colleagues and classmates. We take an interest in them, we ask questions to get to know them better. Questions like: “What excites you?” “What matters most to you?” “What challenges are you facing?” “Do you ever think about God?” “How do you feel about Jesus?” Those last two may come later, but those sort of questions can open the door to conversations about faith.
  • Eat– We look for opportunities to share a meal. We invite people over for a meal and we invite them to join us for coffee. Sharing meals help to deepen relationships. The walls we often put up are lowered and opportunities for richer conversations increase.
  • Serve– As we pray and listen and eat together, we look for opportunities to serve them. We offer to help in whatever ways we can.
  • Story– And when the opportunity arises, we tell our story – the story of Jesus and the story of how we found our way back to God through Jesus.


Questions for Discussion (For Small Group and Others):
  1. What are your thoughts and feelings regarding the value of Outreach? 
  1. How do you respond to the comment by Spurgeon that “every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter?”
  1. When have you seen outreach being done well? What has been your experience in telling others about Jesus? 
  1. How would you feel about taking up the invitation to B.L.E.S.S others? Consider engaging the strategy to B.L.E.S.S for the next month, and share your progress as a group.


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