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What is The Journey?

The Journey is a life-changing set of experiences and relationships that will invite us to explore questions of intimacy with God, identity as God’s loved children, and unique kingdom responsibility in the world. This shared journey of discovery will be guided by a trained facilitator and will involve a six to eight month commitment of:
  • weekly small group gatherings (two hours a week)
  • regular study and reflection and prayer (two to four hours a week)
  • a spiritual mentoring relationship with a mature believer (twice a month)
We will walk together through the following three stages:
Stage 1: Biblical Foundations…will guide us into an understanding and appreciation of the Scriptures transforming role for a lifetime of growth and service.
Stage 2: Personal Foundations…will lead us into an exploration and appreciation of God’s sovereign, shaping work in our unique lives.
Stage 3: Relational Foundations…will explore the necessity of spiritual community in Jesus’ way of forming us into a people of integrity, compassion and influence.
What should we expect from The Journey?
The spiritual life is not meant to be traveled alone. We need others’ support, challenge, and prayer if we are to finish well in life. At its core The Journey seeks to invite you, along with a group of fellow travellers, into a stretching exploration of three questions in your life:  Who is God? Who am I? and What does God desire to do through me?  Along the way expect to:
  • Be challenged to stretch your imagination of God’s personal goodness and love in this world.
  • Experience together the healing power of shared authentic Christian community. 
  • Discover the uniqueness of who God has created, gifted, and prepared you to be.
  • Grow in a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Scriptures and their transforming influence.
  • Prayerfully examine what God has been graciously up to throughout your whole life.
  • Reflect upon your formation in holiness as a lifelong work of the Spirit from the inside out.
  • Cultivate a heart to walk with others and help them make sense of their life in Christ.
  • Wrestle with the difference Jesus makes to your understanding and practice of leadership
  • Be empowered to live and serve out of who you are designed to be.
  • Be invited to participate in God’s good and gracious work in the world, in your community, and in your life.
How Can I Be Involved?
1. Consider Your Journey…
What wort of life does God want to give shape to with your unique life? And with whom are you actually traveling on your faith journey? This may be the exact time in your own life to take a deepening step in your walk with the Lord. Amidst the intensity of your whole life, can you really afford to put off this sort of reflection and conversation with others about your life with God?
2. Gain an Understanding of The Journey…
Investigate the process. Meet with your pastor or those from your church who are facilitating The Journey. Ask questions of those who have taken the process before. Come to an informational meeting and find our what The Journey is all about.
3. Complete the Application Process…
Going through an application process can have a way of confirming whether or not you should participate in 
The Journey.
We are hoping to offer The Journey starting late September or early October, 2021.  For more information contact Brendon Gibson 306-477-1234 ext. 129).
4. Consider the Financial Cost…
The financial cost for The Journey course material is $275 for the year. This can be pain in monthly installments. There may be some additional costs for a retreat and/or a workshop. 
5. Consider the Time Commitment…
Those who participate in The Journey also tend to lead busy lives with family, church, and work related responsibilities. It is important to consider the stewardship of those responsibilities as you apply for The Journey.  The average time commitment per participant for this process is three to five hours per week for preparation and weekly group meetings.