Answers to Prayer – Week of May 10th

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  1. Jill Cook says:

    Our daughter Dani got laid off from her job in a cafe in Australia due to Covid-19. The government initially wasn’t going to provide relief money to non-citizens despite her paying taxes for 2 years and having completed her paperwork. There was some hope that her boss could get her funding through another program. We were praying very hard that things would work out so she and her husband would be able to meet their expenses. The government didn’t do anything to help foreign workers but we had so much faith that God would provide. He answered our prayer in a wonderful way. Her boss just gifted her with the equivalent of the subsidy amount for the first week and then hired her to do painting and maintenace on the cafe for the weeks after. The neat thing is that Dani and Andrew are purchasing the cafe in September so she’s actually doing work on what will be her own business and getting paid as well. God is able to provide exceedingly and abundantly more than we can even imagine. We are grateful!

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