God-dependent, Jesus-Rooted, Spirit-Led
To fully love God and all people, for God’s Kingdom, pleasure, and glory.
We value Scripture
We are committed to living under the authority of Scripture, allowing it to form our imagination, inform our identity, transform our living, and to communicating its truth and relevance in our current context.
We value Prayer
We are committed to cultivating a life of prayer through which we pay attention to the Holy Spirit, pursue Christ’s kingdom, and submit to His lordship.
We value Generosity
We are committed to being a generous community, giving freely and cheerfully of our attention, abilities, resources, time, and spiritual gifts.
We value Diversity
We are committed to honouring the uniqueness of one another in mutual respect, love and hope for human wholeness.
We value Creativity
We are committed to affirming the role of the imagination and the arts in our community, and to exploring and expressing the life of the Holy Spirit in new and fresh ways.
We value Community
We are committed to being a community where all are welcomed, known and loved.
We value Outreach
We are committed to engaging the community beyond ourselves through actions and words that communicate the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.
We value Justice
We are committed to extending Christ’s reign by paying attention to issues of injustice, advocating for the poor and powerless and working toward healing and reconciliation in our community and the world.
We value Love
We are committed to loving others, seeking their well-being with compassion and mercy.